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 + You can download the UKCS\\ \\  The UKCS was last updated in 2007 (Version 3).\\  Version 3 may be downloaded without charge under a Creative Commons licence. For details of the licence see: [[http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​3.0/​|Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Non-Commercial 3.0 ]]License. If you are uncertain about the terms of use for the UKCS contact Ken Chad [[mailto:​(|(]] Tel +44 (0)7788 727845)\\ **Click here to download the UKCS V3**{{ :​ukcs_version3_cc_licensed_rev.doc|UKCS_Version3_CC_licensed_rev.doc}}[[/​file/​view/​UKCS_Version3_CC_licensed_rev.doc/​248141985/​UKCS_Version3_CC_licensed_rev.doc|UKCS_Version3_CC_licensed_rev.doc]]\\ ​
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