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 +**Unified library resource management management systems** provide capabilities to manage print and electronic resources in a single (unified) system and consequently replace conventional Library Management Systems (LMS/ILS) and Electronic Resource Management (ERM) systems.\\ \\ **What'​s the business case?​**\\ ​ What business imperatives do these next generation systems need to meet? For example some vendors claim that the characteristics of cloud, unified resource management and new approaches to workflow will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Feel free to add your thoughts here, add a discussion (click on icon on toolbar) .. or contact me- ( -and I'll add them\\ \\  For more information systems see the [[http://​​Next%20Generation|next generation library systems]] entry on SCONUL'​s Higher Education Library Technology (HELibTech) wiki\\ \\ [[unified_library_resource_management_specification|Go to the specification]] to view/edit the specification online or download the specification as as WORD document
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